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AdminDev Labs

Jan 22, 2020

What's up everyone, today I am "wrapping up" the talk on Linux gaming. I need to correct the record on a few things and share my continued success with Elder Scrolls Online! Plus, some Linux feedback, news, and a PSA on encryption

Linux Gaming Epilogue
- Wine
- Lutris

Linux Fun
- Debian Bullseye
- Proxmox

Jan 10, 2020

Today I talk about my experiences long ago and recent about gaming on Linux, my impressions of the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix, and the plans for the Computer Science series.

##Gaming on Linux

### The Bad
- Tedious
- Lot of moving pieces (Wine? Lutris? Proton?)
- Misrepresenting what it is
- Still needs some work

### The...

Jan 9, 2020

Today I had the privilege of speaking with Hayden Barnes, a developer advocate for Ubuntu at Canonical. Hayden is known as the Microsoft guy at a Linux company, he founded Pengwin - a WSL distribution, and previously worked as an attorney.


- From Law to Linux
- Getting into systems programming
- Working at Canonical

Dec 30, 2019


Things to learn in 2020
- Containers
- Programming Language
- Editor
- Shell
- Networking
  -- DNS
  -- Routing
  -- TCP/IP
- Linux
- Security
  -- Auditing
  -- Hardening
 - - Vulnerability and Risk
- Participate in a Meetup

Dec 17, 2019

Today I installed Linux Mint because someone challenged my good sensibility.

Install process was smooth. I was able to play Dark Souls III on Linux for the first time (git gud, scrub). Installed a few tools, KVM, and played with some themes and settings.

Probably gonna stick around for a while!