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AdminDev Labs

Oct 9, 2019

Cloud Operations II

Systems via Service Providers

- Azure DevOps
+ Build
+ Release
++ Deployment Groups
++ Agent Pools
++ Integration with other systems
+ Issue log, Project planning, reporting tools

- AWS CodeBuild
+ Build and test source code
+ Create and upload artifacts
+ Forward/Notify other services


Oct 7, 2019

Welcome Back -- AdminDev Labs 2.0

Vacation in Little Rock
- Cregeen's Irish Pub
- North Bar
- Dos Rocas Beer and Tacos

Building a new Battlestation
- AMD 3800X

The Desire to Quit
- Imposter Syndrome
- The root of the situation
- A governing body
- Licensing

Continuing Education
- Discipline
-- Practice like you...

Sep 12, 2019

I finally done did it and went on the Kubernetes bandwagon. It wasn't what I expected, in a lot of good ways though. I explore my setup, setbacks, and uses for Kubernetes.

Sep 2, 2019

Talking DevOps with Microsoft today. Special guest Michael Levan, a DevOps professional and Cloud Engineer.

Twitter: @TheNJDevOpsGuy




What is ARM?

ARM is a configuration management tool that has a JSON syntax. It allows you, in a programmatic way with the use of functions...

Aug 28, 2019

# Cloud vs Data Center
- Cloud is not synonymous with success
- Hidden costs
- Balance and scale
- Provisioning for the DC
1. VMware
2. KVM

# Load Balancing
- At the server level
- At the data link layer
- At the network (routing) layer
- LB Technology
- Configuring Nginx
- Configuring HAProxy
- Configuring AWS Elastic...