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AdminDev Labs

Aug 16, 2019

Linux Applications







Aug 13, 2019

Desktop Environments and Distributions

What is a Desktop Environment? Tools, window managers, login managers, display managers, all of the components
What is a distribution? When I say Linux, I don't mean the kernel, I mean the operating system running on top of it.

Gnome, Gnome 3, Gnome Shell
GTK, Wayland,...

Aug 7, 2019

Building a Linux workstation

Hardware compatability list

Things to consider:

- Browser box
++ Get away with i5 and 8GB of RAM
++ Something with a decent resolution, nice screen
=-=-= 14" go high DPI...

Aug 3, 2019

This episode I have guest Luke Brown, and he discusses his insights, experience, and opinions with communicating with virtual teams, supporting hybrid environments, and working with applications and their servers.

Jul 24, 2019

As a systems engineer we need to borrow and learn from software engineering:


Software methodologies

Version Control
Tools and utilities
Algorithm Analysis


Chef is awesome :D


More on Algorithm Analysis later!