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AdminDev Labs

Apr 30, 2020

Hey everyone! First half of the first book review on the show!

Networking for Systems Administrators by Michael W Lucas is a dive into defining how networks work, troubleshooting a network, and providing useful information into what the network engineering team needs.

I give my initial thoughts, breakdown the first half...

Apr 22, 2020

## BSD Administration and C-isms

### Deploying to OpenBSD
- Played with OpenBSD and HTTPD
- Not your Grandpa's HTTPD
- Based on relayd
- Features
- Very similar to Nginx
- Macros
- Global conf
- Sever declaration
- ACME Client
- Automatic Certificate Management Environment (phew)
- Location blocks
- Connect with Let's...

Apr 11, 2020

Today I catch up with Mike and Phil from The rollBak!

We go into what's changed over the last year, new endeavors, why we think containers might be overkill, and more!

Be sure to mutilate the subscribe button and stab that like. USE LINUX.


Apr 9, 2020

## Semaphore vs Mutex vs AdminDev

### Semaphore
- More of a signal than a lock/unlock
- Integer value accessed through wait() and signal()
- wait() checks if the int is less than or equal to 0, decrements value
- signal() increments the integer value

### Semaphore Over Mutex
- Mutex locks can have busy waiting.