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AdminDev Labs

May 25, 2020


Why SecBSD?


Jk, don’t gank me bro.

First heard about it on an interview with BSD Bandit.

“…nor do we want to have defaults that run tools as UID 0 (root). OpenBSD is our preferred platform, with the relentless focus on security, shipping with sane...

May 9, 2020

Welcome to the first Head in the Clouds segment! Today we discuss what separates a VPC from a VPS, why the cloud is so "damn" expensive, and what services will serve your organization the best.

We also get into monitoring your billing and utilization, why the cost justifies the time, having the latest and greatest at...

May 6, 2020

Primer for Head in the Clouds! What's the best VPS? Spoiler, it's Vultr.

Opinions my own. I wasn't paid to say that. Blah blah blah.

When to Self Host?
- Personal Projects
- Experiments
- Personal Data
- E-mail
- Files

Self Host Considerations?
- Dynamic DNS
- Service Provider
- Network Intrusion
- Equipment

May 5, 2020

Last half of the review is in today!

Sneak peak into new segment: Head in the Clouds

Networking for Systems Administrators Part II
- Packet Sniffing
- Creating Traffic
- Server Packet Filtering
- Tracing Problems
- Final Word

"Even if you fail utterly, at least you'll finally know if that firewall port is open or not."